"EcoPack" LLC is a young developing company in the market of production and supply of packaging for food and not only products. To date, we are not aware of similar production in Russia, since we are working on a proprietary technology for production of corn starch. Also, we constantly conduct research and testing and in the future we will be able to offer the market packaging of rice and buckwheat husks.
Modern life dictates its own conditions - the population more and more appreciates free time, which leads to an increase in services for the delivery of food, food, supermarkets offer their customers more and more convenience foods and ready meals. For all this, individual packaging is required, which today is mainly made of plastic.
Our company, taking into account the needs of the market for a large number of packaging, has chosen the eco-friendly path. We understand that it is quickly and immediately impossible to replace plastic dishes with biodegradable ones, but our organization sees the future in an environmentally friendly approach.
Our products are made on the basis of corn starch, it is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly, as evidenced by all kinds of research and certificates. When storing, freezing and heating food in our dishes, no harmful substances are released.
Unlike plastic, this product is denser, has a natural smell and pleasant to the touch.
Due to its density and materials, our dishes are resistant to mechanical stress, can withstand shock freezing up to -40 °C and heating in microwave to +120 °C, DO NOT require special disposal, and are NOT subject to environmental charges.
We are constantly developing and mastering new packaging formats. Therefore, if you did not find the product you are interested in in our catalog, contact us and we will be able to discuss the possibilities of packaging production according to your request.